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Quote from Bernadette "I was a broom for the Virgin Mary; when she no longer needed me she put me back in my right place, which was behind the door "

What to do?

Within the group a timetable is arranged with a daily Mass at either: Pius X Basilica or St Bernadette’s altar.

The procession of the ‘Blessed Sacrament’ is at 5pm each day. It starts from the open-air altar on the prairie known as the podium and processes to the underground basilica of Pius X. It is delivered in many languages and most pilgrims would attend this once during their time in Lourdes.

Every evening a torchlight procession starts near the statue of the Crowed Virgin on the other side of the ramps and finishes in front of the Rosary Basilica. The lighted candles are a reminder of our Baptism. People from each group are often given key tasks such as carrying the statue of Mary.

Our Lady encouraged St Berndaette to in the srping and so people come to wash in the water. Each year over 350,000 people go to reminder of Baptism and confessions are heard throughout the day.

The candle bank allows for individuals or groups to light a candle, it allows for individuals to have time to pray by themselves and for reflection. As a group a large candle can be lit as a reminder that their group was in Lourdes.

Opening Times for the Baths

Weekdays- April to October 9am-11am, 2.30pm-4pm.

November to March 10am-11am, 3pm-4pm

Sundays and Holy days

April to October- 2-4pm

November- March- 2.30pm-4pm

Where to stay?

In Lourdes, there are a selection of hotels where people can stay, the staff at all the hotels are all very friendly, the hotel staff do feed you well, there are at least 4 courses at meal times. Breakfast tends to be buffet style. A word of warning for meals: if you're vegetarian, the French do not tend to accommodate other alternatives for the vegetarians, so if you're a vegetarian please do fill up on other foods and snacks if you do tend to get hungry.

If you want to stay in Lourdes but cannot afford the hotels, then there are campsites which are a few minutes outside of Lourdes.

Hotel Alba is one of the many hotels in Lourdes.

For more information and booking hotels for Lourdes, take a look at the following website


In the Summer of 2009, I stayed in this hotel with my hotel group.

The hotel was clean and is situated in good walking distance to the main areas.

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