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Quote from Bernadette "I shall always have enough health, but never enough love for Our Blessed Lord"

My own experience of Lourdes- I first started going in 2007 as a Redshirt, when I returned from Lourdes, it had changed me as a person, I started going to Church on a regular basis, the second year was in 2008 as a Redshirt this year it was the Jubliee Year. My third time was this year in 2009, yet again this was a completely different experience because it was my first time as a helper, I was a helper in the family group, looking after children. It is difficult to say which is the best year but 2009 was best year in Lourdes so far because there was so much more freedom than when I was in the redshirts and I made many more new friends this year. Lourdes 2010 was amazing. I am looking forward to many more years of going to Lourdes with the diocese of Arundel and Brighton, making new friends and keeping in contact with old friends.

Mrs Emma Chedgy- a teacher at St Paul's Catholic College: I first traveled to Lourdes when I was 14 and was in the family group. I had such a fun experience of Lourdes changed my life as I have met so many fantastic people through the Lourdes pilgrimage, including my husband, and we continue to meet and talk about the many fun times we shared.

From Yvonne McIntosh (Rest in Peace)
I guess explaining about what Lourdes is REALLY like is like trying to describe the beauty of a sunset to a blind man! Words can only scratch the surface, but I will indeed endeavor to at least give you some idea, although at the onset I will tell you it has to be felt before you can see it! What did I take away from Lourdes? I had my faith in human nature restored, particularly my impression of the youth today. I took away lots of friends, many of whom I have stayed in touch with! The Lourdes love has lasted all year! I took away a new confidence, a sense of peace, a healing of the spirit, an acceptance of my lot. I came home with a much more personal knowledge of God’s love for me which came through the hands of the wonderful helpers from our diocese. I discovered that I still had something to give too! Although my body is not much use, I can still have a useful role to play. I have ears that can listen, a lifetime of experiences to share, a shoulder to cry on and arms to hug!

This photo was taken by one of my friends in Summer 2009.

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